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Skip Bins

2 cubic skip

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skipEstimating the size of skip bin required for a particular job is often difficult especially if the material is distributed around the house, rather than having been placed in a measurable pile.

Skip bin sizes are always expressed in cubic metres. The following information should serve as a rough guide to help you estimate the size of skip bin that you require.


Cubic MetresStandard TrailerWheelie Bin
2 Cubic Metres2 x Box Trailer8 x Wheelie Bin
3 Cubic Metres3 x Box Trailer12 x Wheelie Bin
4 Cubic Metres4 x Box Trailer16 x Wheelie Bin
6 Cubic Metres6 x Box Trailer24 x Wheelie Bin
7 Cubic Metres7 x Box Trailer28 x Wheelie Bin
9 Cubic Metres9 x Box Trailer36 x Wheelie Bin